If you want to see pagan sanctuaries and ancient Christian monuments, cave cities and castles hidden high up in the mountains, canyon galleries, containing bas-relief collections, unique frescoes in abandoned monasteries-thousands of monuments, generously scattered all over the ancient land of Armenia

if you are not afraid of far-away roads and are ready to climb up the mountains and walk down almost impassable canyons

if you want to closely see crystal-clear lakes and noisy waterfalls, hidden between snow rocks, hear the noise of rapidly moving mountain rivers, drink the water of limpid streams, feel the fragrance of blooming mountainsides

if you want to be convinced "that only mountains can be better than mountains " and take up mountain sports, conquering snow peaks with mountain climbers, or if you want to try "cave tourism"

and, if you want to assist in preserving this unique nature and culture


The miniatures from ancient Armenian manuscripts are used in this website
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